New meeting room of the Chamber

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg has a new meeting room in its headquarters in Brussels (Rue Belliard, 20, 1º), which is available for members of the Chamber and for any interested company.

Besides additional services like wifi conection, LCD screen LCD 47”, front desk and telephone services, the new meeting room offers different setups depending on the needs of each company/event:

  • Conference setup: up to 28 people. It is perfect for big group meetings and conferences, since it improves interaction between the attendees.
  • U-Shape setup: up to 23 people. It is the optimal layout for seminars, courses or presentations led by one or more speakers in which participation or interaction are required.
  • Classroom setup: up to 24 people. It is a different option for workshops or presentations in which attendees will be more comfortable for working activities.
  • Workshop setup: up to 32 people. It is the most suitable option for teamworking and projects. Besides fitting a higher number of people, it enables an easier team organization and the division of tasks.
  • Assembly setup: up to 40 people. It can also be an option layout for presentations or press conferences.

The renting service may also include other special services such as simultaneous interpretation, hostess service, commercial accompaniment, catering services and logistics.

For more information, click this link or send us an e-mail.