Presentation of the “Programa Jóvenes BeLux”

Yesterday the presentation of the Programa Jóvenes and the job portal place in Brussels. The event counted on the presence of more than 70 persons, including youngsters and companies interested in getting to know our employment services. We could also enjoy the assistance of representatives of various official institutions and organizations in Spain and Belgium, as well as the assistance of the Official Flemish employment service (VDAB).

The inauguration was in charge of the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, who presented two speakers: the Job and Social Security Counselor, Vicente Pérez Menayo and the Program Manager, Ramón López-Peláez.

consejeroThe presentation of the Job Counselor concerned the Ministerial Plan for support of young Spaniards abroad approved for 2014 (‘Programa de Jóvenes’) and aims to increase employability and the entrepreneurial business spirit abroad on the part of this segment of citizens, continuing thus the philosophy marked by the Program of the year 2013. In order to achieve this, the Ministry promotes advisory activities as well as activities for career guidance, and, among other things, training, internships in companies and language improvement of the country of residence.

Furthermore, the requirements to be fulfilled by the beneficiaries of the programs were explained, in other words, nonprofit companies and institutions abroad, in charge of providing the services to the youngsters as well as the requirements to be fulfilled by the recipients of the services, in other words, the youngsters themselves: Spanish citizens under the age of 35 registered at the Consular Register.

In conclusion, Vicente Pérez highlighted the different initiatives that, in light of the mentioned program, are being developed in Belgium –the country that achieved a greater budget allocation for the Program of 2013 of 208.000 Euro- and stressed the existing complementarity between them and, of course, emphasizing the work conducted by the Programa Jóvenes of the Chamber of Commerce.

On the other hand, the Program Manager, Ramón López-Peláez, presented the attendants the specific objectives of the Program of the Chamber. These are:
Provide a personalized accompaniment and advisory service for job search and
Serving as a linking platform between job applicants and employers by means of the website

With regard to the first objective, the relevance of this type of service of coaching as a qualitative support instrument for the accompaniment on a journey was stressed, as is the case with job search, almost always challenging, especially when someone lives in a foreign country. In this regard, the ambition of the Chamber is contributing to the fact that the youngsters can be launched at the labor market under the best possible conditions and as well-prepared as possible.
With regard to the second objective, this one is addressed especially towards companies and invites them to use the services of our program in order to obtain a triple benefit: being capable of publishing job offers and practices on our website; using our candidate database already in function of selecting the required job profiles, and counting on the expertise of the Chamber’s own staff in order to help companies with the selection of the mentioned candidates.

To conclude his presentation, Ramón-López-Peláez remembered the assistants of the meeting of the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’, an initiative promoted by the Chamber to reward the entrepreneurial business spirit of our youngsters immigrated to Belgium, inviting all of these interested in participating.