Presentation of findings “European interests in the Spanish economy” by

According to the study of more than 250,000 users elaborated by and presented today with the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg 1 of out every 2 international interests in Spanish companies comes from EU countries.

• Germany is the country that has most increased its interest in Spanish companies during the Q1 of 2016.
• Interest in the Spanish industrial sector stands out among the international professionals.
• 25% of European professionals are interested in startups or newly created companies.

Brussels, June 7th, 2016.-, an economic intelligence web service by Telecoming, has presented today with the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, the “European interests in the Spanish economy” study, reflecting the interest in Spanish companies worldwide. In this regard, 1 of every 2 inquiries about Spanish companies comes from professionals from the European Union (EU).

According to this study, of more than 250.000 users, United Kingdom has been the country with the greatest interest in Spanish companies during 2015. More than 11% of international queries correspond to this location (11,4%), followed by USA (8%) and Mexico (7,5%).

At EU level, United Kingdom also leads the ranking of interest in Spanish companies in 2015, with 25,3% of the EU total. It’s followed by Germany (15,5%), France (15,3%), Portugal (11,1%) and Italy (8,1%). German professionals’ interest grows in 2016 increasing its weight 2,5 points.


The manufacturing industry, a sector on the rise for Europe
During 2015, the Spanish trade sector has been the one that has generated more interest among the European professionals, with 25% of the queries, followed by the construction sector, covering 13,1%, and professional activities, with 12,5%. This data lines up with the Spanish business structure, composed mostly by companies in these sectors.


The increased interest in industrial enterprises in Spain is very significant due to its 4.3 points growth during Q1 2016, establishing the manufacturing industry sector as the most relevant for European professionals with business interests in Spain. The importance of this industry, which is gradually increasing, is already 12,2% of total European queries.

Startups, increasingly more relevant for the EU
European professionals tend to be mainly interested in established companies, more than 10 years old. This kind of enterprises are the main focus of 57% of queries.


However, startups or newly created companies (0-5 years) are increasingly drawing attention outside Spain. In this regard, they represent 25% of European professionals’ queries (2 points above the international average), a figure with a tendency to increase in the next years. The remaining 17% corresponds to companies created between 5-10 years ago.

The profile of the Spanish enterprise that most interests the EU is a limited company, with more than 10 years of activity, operating in the wholesale and retail trade sector, and currently active.

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