The Chamber supports the Three Wise Men Day in Belgium

As every year, the Three Wise Men, on their way back home, they stop in Bruges to give their presents to the Spanish-speaking children living in Belgium.

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, has taken part, one more year, in the organization of this special event.

The past Saturday 13th January, the event took place at the Bruges Dolphinarium (Boudewijn Seapark) where hundreds of children who have been dreaming for a year about this moment were gifted by the Three Wise Men with candy and presents.

A breakfast, an “indoor” amusement park, a dolphin show, a lunch and an afternoon snack were the perfect way of having a magic day for the families of the Latin American immigrants in Belgium, especially for their children. Also, children from refugees families living in Brugge attended to this remarkable event.

We shared the slogan “Not a single child without a toy”. Together we can achieve it.

The Chamber thanks the collaboration of all the individual participants and sponsor companies, and specially the contribution of ASBL FAMILLES DU MONDE: