The entrepreneurial spirit in the times of COVID

José Serrano and Jaime Kelly are two entrepreneurs who were working together thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program before the COVID-19 crisis started. They share with us their experience and how this crisis has affected them.

José Serrano is the founder of Dlinea and one of the Spanish Chamber’s hosting entrepreneurs within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program in Luxemburg. Thanks to this EU program, whose objective is to promote the exchange between entrepreneurs from different European countries, he got in contact with Jaime Kelly passionate new entrepreneur from Spain.

José joined the program two years ago because it seemed interesting to him to give young architects the opportunity to get to know better Luxemburg and its architecture since there are fairly quality buildings.

In December, he started to collaborate with Jaime, whose professional experience was limited to two architectural firms and one design firm, but who had the idea of setting up an architecture and design office on his own. Before embarking himself on that adventure he began to look for programs that would allow him to achieve this goal and he registered in the EYE.

For the first months, they were working on the conception of project plans, whether they were new construction or renovations or transformations of buildings. During the last months, due to COVID-19, they decided to renovate their working plan, order to get the best of their exchange considering the security measures imposed in Luxemburg and reduce the risk for both.

Site visits were canceled and meetings with clients started to be online. Jaime also took advantage of the situation to getting even better acquainted with ArchiCad, the program they use at their office.

José highlights that the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs “Without a doubt, has been very beneficial, to introduce a new person to our team with new ideas and other experiences in order to provide solutions to all kinds of problems and challenges”.

For Jaime, the good ambiance and teamwork that they had are what he values the most. “The energy and good humor of the office team is very stimulating and has allowed me to develop ideas and acquire knowledge at a much higher rate than I was used to. José was able to explain to me the process of creating an architecture firm from scratch and it has opened my eyes to a different type of architecture and design than I was used to”.

After facing these uncertain times together, they have decided to continue collaborating in architectural projects in Luxemburg.


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