The Spanish Chamber of Commerce’s Plenary session

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has the determined support of the Spanish Government to achieve the goals inspired by its president, José Luis Bonet, from the time of its creation, in November 2014. The report presented by the President to the Plenary session at its meeting on February 21st referred to the fulfillment of a visits program to the highest-ranking personalities of the Administration.

Likewise, the continuous support of the business world to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce responds to the efforts that the direction is carrying out.

During the Plenary Session, the incorporation of new collaborating members was approved, and the signing of agreements between the Spanish Chamber and the network chambers (inside and outside) was announced. They also made a report about the Training Commission‘s activities and on the need of changing the model into one that motivates the need to adapt the training of young people to the new evolutionary model of the labor market.

The Spanish Chamber assumes the coordination of the territorial Chambers, as well as the external network. Juan Rodiguez-Villa, president of FEDECOM Europe-Africa-Asia-Oceania, also underlined the need to establish ways of collaboration between the metropolitan network and the external network.