Workshop on “Communication for EU projects”

On February 18th and 19th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized an online webinar on “Communication for EU projects”, in collaboration with the member company Vision Communication Consultancy.

This webinar enabled professionals tasked with branding, public affairs, marketing communications, or community engagement to plan, execute and assess a comprehensive and effective social media campaign for their European agencies, organizations, programs and projects.

During the first session, an introduction of the communication for EU projects was made with an explanation of the different existing EU projects. The reality of the consortiums in European projects was explored as well as the need to adapt the communication strategy of the project to the different contexts.

In the second session, deeper look toward the European projects’ communication was done by exploring the social media management, the different communication products, and the need for an appropriate management of the events.

All along both journeys, participants had the chance to get to know cases of success and failure of communication in various European projects and how to effectively design and manage communication in projects granted by the EU.