Infoday: “Discover the Executive Programs of the IEE-ULB”


The Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg and the IEE (Institut d’études européennes associated with the Université libre de Bruxelles), have signed a collaboration agreement through which the members of the Chamber can benefit from special rates in the courses and modules of the Executive Programmes of the Institute.

The last February 20th, an Infoday was organized at the Chamber´s facilities, with individualized meetings, in which attendees could answer their questions about the Executive Programs with two IEE representatives.

The Institut d’études européennes of the ULB has more than fifty years of history. More than 7500 students have passed through it, including commissioners, ambassadors or politicians and it has positioned itself today as a benchmark to improve knowledge in European affairs and strengthen the network of contacts.

This is an executive academic program in English designed for professionals that seeking flexible training to deepen their knowledge in European affairs. The participants can choose to follow the full program or do their training on demand with individual classes or modules. Here you can consult the agenda.


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17/03: Breakfast-debate with Pablo Arias Echeverría and Adriana Maldonado López

On Tuesday, March 17th, The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg inaugurate the “Breakfast with the Eurocámara, a meeting platform between Spanish companies and the European Parliament. The first will feature the participation of MEPs Pablo Arias Echeverría (EPP) and Adriana Maldonado López (S&D). In this breakfast, the priorities of the Committee on the  Internal Market and Consumer Protection for the new legislature will be discussed.

The aim of these breakfasts is to facilitate the dialogue between Spanish companies with representatives of the European Parliament to present the priorities of the Commissions for this legislature.

You can sign up for this breakfast through this reply form.

The breakfast will be held in Spanish.

05/28 Informative session on public aids for entrepreneurs in Flanders

Do you want to know how the Flanders region supports the entrepreneurs?

You may wonder what kind of support exists for entrepreneurs? Are there grants or any other options? Does the Flemish government grant loans?

To solve this questions, the EmprendeBelux program from the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, in collaboration with VLAIO, an service for entrepreneurs in Flanders, organizes an informative session next Thursday, May 28th to show the support that they offer to entrepreneurs in the region.


17: 30 – Welcome by the organizers

18: 00 – Support options for start-ups in Flanders by Femke Mortier of VLAIO

19: 00- Networking


The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg has developed the EmprendeBelux program with the aim of support the Spanish people in BeLux in the long way of launch and accompanying them in the consolidation of their business.

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Limited places. For more information please contact the organization at


VAC Anna Bijnsgebouw
Lange Kievitstraat 111-113, 2018 Antwerp
Conference Room: 02.16a – Rubens
Please register at the reception on the ground floor

Date: May 28th 2020



Through the EmprendeBeLux programme, the Chamber wants to support Spanish people in BeLux in their long way towards entrepreneurship and accompany them in the consolidation of their business. For more information you can contact the organization through

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04/01-02 Workshop on Communication for EU projects

On April 1st and 2nd, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of in Belgium and Luxembourg, will organize in Brussels a workshop on “Communication for EU projects”, in collaboration with its member Vision Communication.

Communication plays a central role in today’s world, acting as the glue factor that enables technology transfer, connects innovations with funding, businesses with customers or policy-makers with civil society.

This course will guide the participants on how to effectively design and manage communication in projects granted by the EU, as it’s a fundamental work package in all EU-funded projects.

This workshop will be divided in two days, of 4 hours duration each and will be held in English. During the first session an introduction to communication in European projects will be made and it will be explained the different types of European projects and how to design and manage communication in projects granted by the EU. In the second session, the attendees will have the opportunity to discover more about communication management in depth through a practical exercise.

You can sign up for this workshop through this reply form.

For more information about the program click here.

05/12th-13th Workshop on “Erasmus+ KA2 Project: Ready to get funded”

On May 12th and 13th, the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg will organize in Brussels a workshop on “Erasmus+ KA2 Project: Ready to get funded”, held by the business developer at CWC Consulting and EU project writer, Paloma Cantero, member of the EmprendeBeLux program.

The workshop will enable professionals to better comprehend the Erasmus+ program and the different funding opportunities within it. Specifically, the training will focus on the Key Action 2 and will consist of reviewing from a practical perspective the whole project application cycle: from getting an IOD number till all tips, tricks and best practices to successfully draft and submit a project proposal.

This workshop will be divided in two days, with a duration of 4 hours each.
You can check the full program of the course here.

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The Chamber collaborates with the training sessions of the program «Diputación Europa»

On the 30th of January, the Chamber organized a training session for the students of the program “Diputación Europa”, an internship program for future project managers of the province of Cáceres.

The session was focused on “Stakeholders engagement, lobby, and monitoring of European action”. During the session, the fourteen participants of the program had the opportunity to learn the importance to promote stakeholders’ participation in their projects.

In addition, during the second part of the training, Francisco Ferrera, a government affairs consultant of our member company Politics Matters, presented his experience in political and regulatory influence at the European level.

Using case studies, the participants experienced how to become a project manager or a lobbyist.

04/23 Conference on “Emotional intelligence at work”

The next 23rd of April, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, will organize in Brussels, from 13:30 to 15:30, a conference on “Emotional Intelligence at Work“.  The conference will be given by the transpersonal and business coach Marta Cela, member of the EmprendeBeLux program.

This event will be held in Spanish and places will be limited.

It has been proved that, by increasing emotional intelligence in the workplace, the level of productivity, efficiency and satisfaction of employees increases. Therefore, the benefits for companies are clear. Likewise, stress at work is directly related to the lack of emotional well-being,  the emotional intelligence can help us overcome these issues.

You can register through the following form.

The Secretary General of the Chamber attends the Christmas Gala of the association Puntos de Encuentro en Bruselas ASBL

On December 12th, the association Puntos de Encuentro en Bruselas ASBL celebrated their annual Christmas Gala. The objective of this association is to develop activities aimed at Spanish-speaking senior citizens through different institutions in Brussels. These activities are mainly focused on promoting the maintenance, stimulus and the development of personal and social abilities of senior people, alongside the reinforcement of their self-esteem.

The event was attended by members of the association, the Spanish Consul in Belgium, Mr. Ignacio Escobar Guerrero, the Work and Social Security Counsellor, Ms. Concepción Gutiérrez del Castillo, representatives of multiple representation offices of Autonomous Communities in Brussels and the Secretary General of the Chamber, María Catalán, amongst other guests.

More information about Puntos de Encuentro en Bruselas ASBL HERE.

The Embassy of Spain in Belgium celebrates the National Holiday

On October 9th, the Embassy of Spain in Belgium organized a reception at the Palais des Académies of Brussels on the occasion of the celebration of the National Holiday.

The reception was attended by local authorities, diplomats, businessmen, European officials and representatives of Spanish public institutions, among other personalities.

H.E. Ambassador of Spain in Belgium Beatriz Larrotcha Palma thanked the attendees for their participation in the National Holiday and highlighted bilateral relations in tourism, business and institutional between Belgium and Spain. The Permanent Representative to NATO, H.E. Ambassador Miguel Ángel Fernández Palacios, also presided the reception.

Both thanked the companies and sponsoring institutions for their collaboration in organizing the event, which was held in collaboration with the Official Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, was sponsored by our associated enterprises Everis, Iberdrola, Indra, Interparking, LaLiga, GAP, BBVA, Santander Consumer Bank, Hispania Brussels and Quality Media.

The offices of the Autonomous Communities in Brussels also contributed to the success of the reception thanks to the contribution of products and typical wines of each region.

19/09 III Meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium

Third meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium

On 19 September, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized the third meeting between Spanish entrepreneurs in Brussels, at the offices of Language Studies International, a company member of the Chamber.

On this occasion, the meeting was focused on the training grants available for entrepreneurs in Brussels region. The attendees discovered in detail how to access to these training grants, in particular to language courses.

One of the main obstacles for foreign entrepreneurs in Brussels is the bilingualism of the region. It is estimated that those who know French or Dutch are more likely to succeed when implementing their business in the city.

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and exchange contacts and experiences around this topic.

The Chamber took the opportunity to present the new website of EmprendeBelux, a programme aimed at supporting Spanish entrepreneurs in the country and designed to accompany them in launching their project and/or consolidating their businesses.

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