Chamber of Commerce participates in the 1st edition “A Coruña Exporpymes”

On 8 October the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg took part and accompanied Belgian and Luxembourg businessmen at the 1st edition of “A Coruña Exporpymes”.

The event was opened by the Economy and Industry Counselor, Francisco Conde; A Coruña major, Carlos Negreira; General Manager of the Superior Council of Chambers, Javier Carretero; and the President of the Chamber of A Coruña, Marcelo Castro-Rial Schuler.

“A Coruña Exporpymes”, based on the internationalization, was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña and was supported by the City Hall and FEDER through the Superior Council Chambers.

“There is no doubt that exports are really important in the recovery of the economy as we can see it in the increase of GDP due to the exports. Chambers of Commerce are essential for small and medium companies to offer their products abroad” Marcelo Castro-Rial Schuler explains. He expects that this event will be discussed in an annual meeting for exporters. Furthermore, the General Manager of the Superior Council Chambers highlights that “accompanying pymes abroad is one of the most important duties of the Chambers”. Similarly, A Xunta set two targets for 2020: getting 8000 export companies and export sales amounting to a 40% of the Galician GDP. Major spoke about the importance of A Coruña as a proper place for the economic activity of the companies.

“Exporpymes” gathered 90 importers from 13 countries (Belgium and Luxembourg, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Morocco, United States, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom), exporters, companies which wanted to start to export, international trade experts, institutions related with exports and internationally oriented entrepreneurs. Indeed, 150 Galician companies from the construction, machinery, jewelry,  consulting, food and beverage sector took part in the event in order to look for some business opportunities.