General Assembly of FEDECOM

On November 25th, the General Assembly of the Network of Official Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, FEDECOM, held an extraordinary meeting, attended by representatives of 23 Chambers, spread over the 4 continents.

The Assembly, chaired by Eduardo Barrachina (President of the Chamber in the United Kingdom), was attended by Cristina Olazabal, Deputy Director General of the Secretary of State for Trade and Jaime Montalvo, International Director of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Our Chamber was represented by our President, Juan Rodríguez-Villa.

The COVID-19 crisis is affecting the network’s chambers with different intensities, and synergies are being sought between chambers and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce to enable them to overcome the current situation.

FEDECOM’s structure into three Vice-Presidencies (Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania) improves the service provided to the network as a whole.

Direct financial assistance is not considered in the GIPs, which are currently under discussion.

The draft budget includes an item of approximately EUR 800 000 for the digitisation of official cameras abroad, which are integrated into CAMACOES (FEDECOM + FECECA).

Information is provided on actions aimed at strengthening public-private collaboration: agreement between the Secretary of State for Trade – Spanish Chamber of Commerce – CEOE and possible opening up to advisory agreements, which may allow for effective interaction between the Administration and the business world. The chambers abroad should also play a leading role in the implementation of these actions.

Social communication networks are a privileged vehicle to use in communication. The exchange of information between cameras will give FEDECOM greater visibility.