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General Ordinary Assembly 2015

Last 24th of June the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg celebrated the General Ordinary Assembly at the NH Grand Sablon in Brussels. The meeting was attended by many partners and by David Martínez Hornillos, the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Spain, and Felipe Formariz, Counselor of Tourism.


The President of the Chamber, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, welcomed the attendees and welcomed the large audience, a symptom of the good activity of the Chamber of Commerce the last years.

gente_sitios_retocadaSubsequently, the Secretary General , María Catalán, presented the activities undertaken during the year 2014, highlighting the significant increase in the number of partners, the organization of events and increasing trade missions successfully completed. She also presented the activities under the employment project funded by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the results obtained from the beginning of its development in March 2014.

The Treasurer, Miguel Ángel Arrimadas, presented the balance sheet and income statement for the year 2014, noting the positive continuity of the financial status of the Chamber of Commerce since 2011.

Subsequently, the General Secretariat presented to the audience the applications received by the partners to join the Board of Directors of the Chamber.


After a presentation for the audience of each of the candidates, they proceeded with the vote. Finally, they were renovated and appointed for a period of three years:


  • Óscar Abril Arranz (Everis)
  • Sergio de Miguel-Jessel
  • Bert Dehandschutter (Racine & Vergels)
  • José Luis Rodríguez (BBVA LuxInvest)
  • José Gracia (Meteora)
  • Ramón Lozano (Gas Natural)
  • María Recalde (CECA Bank)
  • Guillermo Sanz Murat (Santander)

Finally, the Chairman reported on the activity of FEDECOM (Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Spain in Europe-Africa-Asia-Oceania), highlighting the event organized in the Expo in Milan, where the Federation awarded the Company Prize Year to NH Hotel Group and the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, presented in honor the President and CEO. Also the Vice President, Pablo López Álvarez, reported on upcoming events planning in the Chamber of Commerce.
After the General Assembly attendees could enjoy a cocktail in the halls of the Hotel NH Grand Sablon.

General Ordinary Assembly 2014

On 26 June 2014, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg celebrated its General Ordinary Assembly in Brussels.

The President of the Chamber, Juan-Rodríguez Villa, welcomed the members who had attended and asked for a minute’s silence in memoriam of D. Ángel Parres Albert, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Official Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg and founder of CITRUS FRUIT Company. The President wanted to acknowledge his work and services offered for this Institution.

Asamblea General 2013

The General Secretary, Maria Catalán, then gave a presentation with all the activities organised during 2013. The increase of new members was amazing, as well the participation of the Chamber in International Fairs and the high number of successful  trade accompaniments and missions.

The President reported on the sponsorship of our Chamber in a high-level seminar promoted by the prestigious magazine “The Economist”, as well as the collaboration in the Ruta Quetzal 2013 during the stage in Brussels. At last, he reminded the celebration of  the 75th anniversary of the Institution in 2013, which served as a motivation to continue with the organization of the Annual Gala Dinner and the First Edition of the  Company of the Year Award.

The President of the Comission of the Forums and Vicepresident of the Chamber, Pablo López Alvarez, informed about the level and quality of the events promoted by the Chamber in 2013 due to the growing prestige of our Institution and its business forum, which are a clear reference for Spanish-speaking and Spanish people in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The President and General Secretary appreciated the work of the previous General Secretary, Joseba Arriortua, executor of the majority of the activity of the Chamber in 2013.

Later, the Treasurer, Miguel Ángel Arrimadas, presented the balance sheet and income statement of 2013. The treasure had welcomed the good results of the Chamber due to the increase of the activity and the good management of the work group.

The General Secretary reported on the vacancies for Board Members of the Board of Directors and the applications received. After the presentation of each candidate, the votation took place, being renovated for three years for the following members:

–         Miguel Ángel Arrimadas.

–         Pablo López Álvarez – FTI Consulting

–         David Luengo – INDRA

–         Carlos Rodríguez Cocina – Telefónica

Finally, the President informed about the new Basic Law 4/2014, 1st of April, of the Chambers of Commerce, Services and Navigation and the role of the Chambers abroad, and the Secretary emphasized the good functioning of the Programme Young Belux, which is subsidized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and whose aim is to facilitate the insertion of young Spanish people living abroad in the labour market.