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New Year’s Cocktail 2015

Last 21st of January the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg celebrated in Luxembourg a New Year’s Cocktail where members, entrepeneurs and senior management and representatives of European Institutions and other local institutions were present. Furthermore, it counted with the presence of His Excellency Mr. Carlos de Lojendio and Pardo Manuel de Villena, Ambassador of Spain in Luxembourg.

Mr. Juan Rodriguez-Villa, President of the Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the assistants and highlighted the evolution of the delegation of the Chamber in the Grand Duchy since its opening in 2012 and its activity of last year. The President thanked the members of the Board of Directors of Luxembourg for their work and effort during this period.

After that, Sergio de Miguel-Jessel, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, who showed the role of the Chamber last year in Luxembourg and invited the assistants to toast for 2015, predicted a positive growth of the activity and provision of services.

The event, that took place at the Meliá hotel of Luxembourg, counted with a relaxed atmosphere among the more than 60 assistants, who could enjoy an aperitif accompanied with Spanish wine. The cocktail ended with the draw of a flight to Madrid offered by the company Luxair.



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Chamber of Commerce participates in the 1st edition “A Coruña Exporpymes”

On 8 October the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg took part and accompanied Belgian and Luxembourg businessmen at the 1st edition of “A Coruña Exporpymes”.

The event was opened by the Economy and Industry Counselor, Francisco Conde; A Coruña major, Carlos Negreira; General Manager of the Superior Council of Chambers, Javier Carretero; and the President of the Chamber of A Coruña, Marcelo Castro-Rial Schuler.

“A Coruña Exporpymes”, based on the internationalization, was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña and was supported by the City Hall and FEDER through the Superior Council Chambers.

“There is no doubt that exports are really important in the recovery of the economy as we can see it in the increase of GDP due to the exports. Chambers of Commerce are essential for small and medium companies to offer their products abroad” Marcelo Castro-Rial Schuler explains. He expects that this event will be discussed in an annual meeting for exporters. Furthermore, the General Manager of the Superior Council Chambers highlights that “accompanying pymes abroad is one of the most important duties of the Chambers”. Similarly, A Xunta set two targets for 2020: getting 8000 export companies and export sales amounting to a 40% of the Galician GDP. Major spoke about the importance of A Coruña as a proper place for the economic activity of the companies.

“Exporpymes” gathered 90 importers from 13 countries (Belgium and Luxembourg, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Morocco, United States, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom), exporters, companies which wanted to start to export, international trade experts, institutions related with exports and internationally oriented entrepreneurs. Indeed, 150 Galician companies from the construction, machinery, jewelry,  consulting, food and beverage sector took part in the event in order to look for some business opportunities.

General Ordinary Assembly 2014

On 26 June 2014, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg celebrated its General Ordinary Assembly in Brussels.

The President of the Chamber, Juan-Rodríguez Villa, welcomed the members who had attended and asked for a minute’s silence in memoriam of D. Ángel Parres Albert, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Official Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg and founder of CITRUS FRUIT Company. The President wanted to acknowledge his work and services offered for this Institution.

Asamblea General 2013

The General Secretary, Maria Catalán, then gave a presentation with all the activities organised during 2013. The increase of new members was amazing, as well the participation of the Chamber in International Fairs and the high number of successful  trade accompaniments and missions.

The President reported on the sponsorship of our Chamber in a high-level seminar promoted by the prestigious magazine “The Economist”, as well as the collaboration in the Ruta Quetzal 2013 during the stage in Brussels. At last, he reminded the celebration of  the 75th anniversary of the Institution in 2013, which served as a motivation to continue with the organization of the Annual Gala Dinner and the First Edition of the  Company of the Year Award.

The President of the Comission of the Forums and Vicepresident of the Chamber, Pablo López Alvarez, informed about the level and quality of the events promoted by the Chamber in 2013 due to the growing prestige of our Institution and its business forum, which are a clear reference for Spanish-speaking and Spanish people in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The President and General Secretary appreciated the work of the previous General Secretary, Joseba Arriortua, executor of the majority of the activity of the Chamber in 2013.

Later, the Treasurer, Miguel Ángel Arrimadas, presented the balance sheet and income statement of 2013. The treasure had welcomed the good results of the Chamber due to the increase of the activity and the good management of the work group.

The General Secretary reported on the vacancies for Board Members of the Board of Directors and the applications received. After the presentation of each candidate, the votation took place, being renovated for three years for the following members:

–         Miguel Ángel Arrimadas.

–         Pablo López Álvarez – FTI Consulting

–         David Luengo – INDRA

–         Carlos Rodríguez Cocina – Telefónica

Finally, the President informed about the new Basic Law 4/2014, 1st of April, of the Chambers of Commerce, Services and Navigation and the role of the Chambers abroad, and the Secretary emphasized the good functioning of the Programme Young Belux, which is subsidized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and whose aim is to facilitate the insertion of young Spanish people living abroad in the labour market.