The Spanish Chamber signs agreement with Taplingua to improve foreign language skills of employees of Spanish companies via their mobile phones

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg has signed an agreement with leading start-up Taplingua to promote the learning of foreign languages in Spanish companies with a special focus in the tourism sector.

Taplingua is the first industry‑focused language learning App that serves business customers. Through this agreement, Taplingua will offer Spanish Chamber members a free two-week language training module and a 30% discount. Additionally, the Spanish Chamber staff will also receive free ongoing language training through the App.

Juan Rodriguez Villa-Matons, President of the Spanish Chamber, welcomed the agreement: “An important part of our role is to help Spanish companies to improve their competitiveness. Language skills are critical in the global marketplace hence partnerships like this offer significant benefits to our members”. “At an initial stage our joint focus will be on the tourism industry, which represents 14% of the Spanish GDP, and if the agreement is successful, we expect to roll it out to other sectors”, he added.

“We are delighted to partner with the Spanish Chamber to help Spanish companies acquire and serve international customers more effectively. Taplingua already has successful partnerships with major Spanish players such as Accor Hotels, Autogrill and various global hotel chains, and we expect that this agreement will allow us to expand and further contribute to the competitiveness of the Spanish tourism industry as a whole, including SMEs”, said Taplingua CEO Santanu Dasgupta. “As in any sector, market needs and solutions evolve. It is no secret that traditional language courses are too academic and not aligned with work or job requirements. At Taplingua, we aim to solve the significant barriers that employees face while using a second language and thus help them do their jobs better.

Taplingua uses advances in language learning frameworks to teach relevant course content packaged in an intuitive easy to use App. The App is powered by the most cutting edge technology e.g. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition to optimize the learning experience”, he added.