The Chamber has available various workspaces for rent in its headquarters in Brussels

The Chamber has available various workspaces for rent in its headquarters in Brussels, that are situated in the European district (Rue Belliard 20, 1040 Brussels).

With capacity for one, two or three workstations (depending on the size of the office), the rental of workspaces includes the following services:

  • Furnished and totally equipped space
  • Access to the common areas, including a fully equipped meeting room for up to 35 people
  • Visitors reception service
  • Direct billing
  • Access 24/24, 7/7
  • Other services: wifi, telephone line pre-installations, overheads included, cleaning service, etc.

Furthermore, you will be able to have access to our network of contacts, as well as to the events and networking activities that we frequently organize in our headquarters.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us to ask detailed information about the conditions:

Person of contact: María Catalán

Email address: – Tel: +32 25171740

New Year’s Cocktail in Brussels

On January 24th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg celebrated the New Year’s cocktail in Brussels. The event was attended by the coach of the Belgian national football team, Roberto Martínez.

Until the KBC Sablon, place where the cocktail was held, more than 80 attendees participated in the cocktail which took place at the  KBC Sablon, among them members,  representatives of Spanish public bodies and civil servants from the European institutions.

The event started with the speech of the director of KBC Sablon, Pascal Bogaert, who welcomed the attendees. After him, the president of the Chamber, Juan Rodríguez-Villa Matons, expressed his good wishes for this year and address a word of thanks to the entire team of the Chamber. He also praised the good work of the guest of honor heading the Belgian team. Later he gave the floor to Roberto Martínez, who thanked all the attendees for their participation in the cocktail and wished them the best for 2019.

The event was held in a relaxed atmosphere where attendees had the opportunity to expand their network of contacts while enjoying a varied menu of Spanish snacks prepared by the Spanish catering company, Mediterranea.

The Chamber thanks the sponsorship of KBC Sablon, La Liga and Group S, as well as Bodegas Enate, Freixenet, Leonidas Chocolates and Moritz beers.


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Food ans drink sponsors:



The Chamber supports the Three Wise Men Day celebration in Belgium

With the sponsorship of Santander Consumer Bank and the support of the Board of Directors and the General Secretary of the Chamber, on Saturday, January 12, the traditional Three Wise Men Day took place, which we annually organize in the Boudewijn Seapark (Dolphinarium) of the city of Bruges.

The initiative of this event responds, certainly, to our interpretation of corporate social responsibility, as a voluntary contribution to the welfare of families who, because of emigration, run the risk of abandoning the tradition of the beloved Three Wise Men Day.

Over the past few years, the event is also aimed at families of refugees, hosted by the OCMW institution of the City Council of Bruges.

This year King Baltasar did not make the appointment and the Mayor of Bruges, Dirk De Fauw, represented him.

Baltasar De Fauw explained to the children the story lived more than two thousand years ago. Likewise, he justified the reason why the Three Wise Men, St Nicolas and Santa Claus shared the task of offering gifts to children during the Christmas season.

From the Chamber we would like thank to the Mayor De Fauw and Councilman Franky Demon for their support.

Elena Julve, new entrepreneur to join EmprendeBelux

Elena Julve, or LexTynGou if we refer to her artistic name, has recently joined the Chamber through the programme EmprendeBelux, an initiative that aims at supporting Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Elena took her first steps as an artist in Belgium, becoming a versatile artist combining different painting techniques in her works. She has already taken part in several exhibitions in Belgium and her objective is now to continue participating in different events that will allow her to broaden her network and become renowned in this sector.

The Chamber has designed a work plan to support this ambitious entrepreneur. In particular, the Chamber is working in the design of a website where she will publish her works and parallelly the organization will also help her identifying exhibitions where Elena can publish her collections in which she is currently working.

We kindly invite you to read the full interview.

Meeting of the Committee of Forums

On December 4, was organized at the Chamber’s headquarters in Brussels a meeting of the Forums Committee, a working group whose purpose is the proposal, organization and follow-up of the events organized by the Chamber.

During the meeting, which was led by Pablo López Álvarez (FTI Consulting), was made a review of the latest events organized by the “business circle” gallery and new initiatives were proposed to be developed in the coming months, both locally and with the institutions of the European Union.

About the Commissions of the Chamber

The Commissions are integrated by some of the members as well as by the person in charge of the area in question in the Chamber.

These work groups have numerous functions: in-depth studies of proposals, problems, projects and activities. Through them, the members influence the day to day of the Chamber in order to adapt the activities of the Chamber to the needs of the members.

At any time, a member may request the president of a Commission to join it or request the Secretary General to create a new group.

Lunch-conference: “Coaching as a tool to empower Leadership”

On the 22nd November, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized a lunch-conference about “The coaching as a tool to promote leadership”. The objective of the workshop given by the personal and business coach Marta Cela, was to offer guidelines to lead and to inspire work teams, to help to develop their potential and to improve their skills to make better results.

During the conference, the assistants had the opportunity to stand out, via the coaching, some of the most basic and fundamental skills of the leadership as: the effective communication, conflict management, the motivation and clear objectives.

The conference had both, theoretical and practical content, allowing the maximum interaction between the attendees.

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg awards Company of the Year to Grupo Social ONCE

On November 6, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg awarded the Grupo Social ONCE, in its V edition, the Company of the Year Award 2018 in an act which took place in the residence of the Embassy of Spain in Brussels. Through this award, the Chamber annually awards the promotion of trade and business development in Belgium and Luxembourg.

With this award, the Chamber wanted to recognize the Grupo Social ONCE for its unique business model in the world and for its leadership at an international level. Its active participation in Brussels within various business and disability organizations at European level, shows its commitment to the integration process. This award aims to contribute to closer business relationships of the Grupo Social ONCE through the provision of goods and services to companies from Belgium and Luxembourg markets.

In addition, its constructive and ambitious contribution to the community legislative process, seeking the right balance between business and social dimension and its partnership with the European Commission through the Operational Program for the Training and Employment of People with Disabilities – it has been an example of good practices for two decades-, have also been reasons for this concession.

The ceremony began with the words of the Ambassador of Spain in Belgium and President of Honor of the Chamber, Beatriz Larrotcha who said that this award was a right decision: “Grupo Social ONCE is more than a company, it is a cooperation between institutions and companies (…) the ONCE is the image we want to show abroad, for this reason it is an honor to give them this award “.

The president of the Chamber, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, joined in the congratulations of the ambassador and described the ONCE foundation as a “revolutionary movement” that has achieved a progressive improvement in social advances and levels of inclusion: “It is a modest award, which recognizes the merits of the Spanish company. Grupo Social ONCE works for social normalization and inclusion, for them it is easy to recognize the feeling of pride”.

Pride that also shared the Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, who has a strong link with the foundation and who was responsible for delivering the award. “The ONCE foundation is a unique model for eight decades. It is a model that shows its commitment to Europe and its collaboration with the European Commission (…). This award is granted for its contribution to Marca España. I only have two words, admiration and gratitude”.

The president of the Grupo Social ONCE, Miguel Carballeda, accepted the award. During his speech he wanted to remember his years as a seller of ONCE coupons and thanked the award on behalf of all his colleagues at the foundation: “Who would have told me that after selling coupons for 10 years, I would be here today collecting this award on behalf of my colleagues. (…) We (Grupo Social ONCE) have to remain the best company, to be a reference for citizenship, for all those people who come daily to our 20.000 coupon sellers”. In addition, he took the opportunity to remember that the ONCE is the world’s first employer of the disabled and the fourth employer in Spain.

The event ended with a cocktail that all the guests attended. The Chamber thanks the Embassy of Spain in Belgium and all the participating companies for their contribution so that the event has been a success.








Dag van Spanje

On October 20, the Chamber organized, in collaboration with the Spanish Office of Tourism in Belgium, the Day of Spain (Dag van Spanje) in the central Groenplaats of Antwerp.

Through this unprecedented day in Antwerp, Spain was presented as a tourist destination (it is the third most visited country by Belgians on holidays), and the gastronomic and leisure offer that surrounds it. On the other hand, it highlighted the leading companies and the innovation that exists in our country and employment and training opportunities.

The regions of Murcia, Aragón, Ibiza, Mallorca, Galicia, Castilla y León, Navarra y Tenerife
were present during the day in a space dedicated to the tourism promotion of Spain. Representatives of the eight destinations made their cultural and tourist offer known to the Belgian public, providing detailed information on the different travel options. Also, the participants were able to discover the hotel offer of the Iberostar company and the airports of Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges, who informed about the possibilities of traveling to Spain from Belgium.

The main sponsor of the event, TUI tour operator, presented a wide range of activities in its space, including a virtual reality proposal, a cycling competition and informative positions of the airline.

Spanish sport was also represented thanks to the participation of LaLiga and the Circuit de Catalunya. At their stands, the attendees could experience, respectively, becoming one day professional soccer players and Formula 1 drivers, in addition to following the live broadcast of LaLiga matches that day. Both adults and children enjoyed both experiences.

Interested in working or studying in Spain? They also had their space in the Eures area, portal for professional mobility, the Ministry of Education and the agency for language immersions in Spain Olespañol.

In the gastronomic area, Freixenet participated, the Vista la Tienda import store and Las Mañas restaurant. The participants could enjoy a day in which they felt, tasted and explored the Spanish culinary richness through typical Spanish dishes such as paella, red peppers or patatas bravas.


The little ones also had their space in the Day of Spain. In the area dedicated to their entertainment, they enjoyed playing the Camino de Santiago, taking photos with Don Quixote or participating in a face painting workshop. With the game, energized by the Association of the Camino de Santiago de Flandes, they felt like pilgrims for a few hours, completing their credentials and answering questions about Spain.

Next to this area, the parents were able to discover how to make their trip easier thanks to Easybabytrip, a Spanish startup that offered the public equipment for traveling with children.

The day was completed with a permanent cultural program.

The artist Carolina Tafalla made reflect on the perception of friendship through the situational happening “Amigo”. At the same time, the well-known muralist Miguel Ángel Belinchón, Belin, hypnotized by painting live a post-neo-contemporary canvas that he ended at the end of the day.

They were joined by musical performances. La Peña Al Ándalus, started strongly at noon with a flamenco show. Then La Negra Albina and her performance not only made for a good time, but also impressed the audience with her Cumbia Psychotropic-Funk style. In the afternoon, Pepa Niebla delighted the audience with her international jazz. The day culminated with the performance of Alex Torres, DJ who managed to create a more relaxed atmosphere with his electro style.

More than 15,000 attendees visited The Day of Spain (Dag van Spanje) throughout the day valued it very positively, and the participants were very satisfied with the results of the event. The Chamber and the Spanish Tourism Office thank the Embassy of Spain in Belgium and all the participating companies for their contribution to make the event a success.


Meeting of the Board of Directors

On October 23, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chamber took place. During the meeting, the new Economic and Commercial Counselor and Vice President of Honor of the Chamber, Ms. Maria Palanca Reh, had the opportunity to appear among the members of the Board of Directors.

Then the Secretary General, María Catalán, presented the Strategic Plan of the Chamber for the period 2019 – 2022, and reported on upcoming events and activities scheduled by the Chamber.

It is planned to organize an Extraordinary General Meeting at the end of the year, in which the budget for the financial year 2019 will be presented.

Success of the ninth edition of the “Workshop on social media management for business and european projects”

The past 25 and 26 October, the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized the ninth edition of the “Workshop on social media management for business and European projects”. The course given by the community manager and coach Philippe Schiffler aims to increase the presence of companies in social networks.

During the first day, Schiffler explained the role played by the community manager in the company and the importance it has acquired in recent years. After that, he explained some very useful strategies to get more benefit of different social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest, among many others.

During the second day, he presented some digital tools that currently help companies to have greater visibility and followers in the network, many of which were unknown to attendees. Evenbrite, Pushbullet or Fiverr were some of the exposed.

He also explained different utilities of social networks and well-known websites such as Facebook, YouTube or Google+. Webs that are known by the majority, but that hide some characteristics unknown by most of us.

Schiffler also wanted to highlight the importance that has been acquired in recent months by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), created last May by the European Parliament and that gives greater transparency to companies on security issues. He also mentioned the fines that may be paid by companies if they do not comply with the regulation, which ranges about 20 million euros.

As in the previous editions, there were many attendees. During these two days all of them had the opportunity to learn about different tools, such as the ones mentioned above, which will undoubtedly help companies to have a better image on the net.

Schiffler was receptive when responding to the questions of the attendees, many of whom carry the social networks of European companies. Some of them even encouraged to express their doubts. In this way, the attendees received advice on how to improve and increase the participation of the public in the social networks of their companies.