23-24/05 Workshop on European tenders

The 23rd and 24th of May, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized a  workshop on “European tenders: detection of opportunities and preparation of winning offers”, which had the aim of giving the participating companies or individuals the necessary knowledge to start preparing tenders in accordance with the procedures of the EU. The workshop, given by Karine Brück, founding partner of Karine Bruck International (Ecosolve SL) in English, filled all places.

During the first day of the training, the different European institutions, agencies and associations were presented, as well as the types of existing tenders. Also, the descriptions of the different phases of the projects were exposed to explain the opportunities that could arise in each of them for the companies. Secondly, Brück emphasized the strategies for detecting calls and selecting the opportunities that European tenders presented, taking into account the particular characteristics of the business.

Throughout the second day, attendees could deepen their knowledge in European tenders by conducting a practical case, through which they understood how to structure a logical framework correctly. In this second part of the training, concepts related to the preparation and elaboration of the technical and economic reports were explained, as well as tips for the search of experts and the formation of consortiums were provided.

During these two days, all attendees had the opportunity to learn about different tools, which will help companies to detect opportunities and improve the preparation of technical offers. At the end of the course, Brück answered questions and clarified the doubts of the participants. The workshop was developed in a participative and dynamic environment in which attendees could understand the necessary knowledge to winning offers.

14/05 Masterclass about Disruption, “Exonomics” & Tech Trends


On May 14th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized in collaboration with its member company ESADE Business School, a masterclass on “Disruption:”Exonomics “and technological trends”. The masterclass was given by Xavier Ferrás, Doctor in Economics and Business by the UB, MBA by ESADE and Telecommunications Engineer (UPC) and was attended by various associations, members of the Chamber and representatives of Spanish public institutions.

In the first place, Xavier gave a few words of welcome and thanked the attendees. Later, the main theme of the masterclass was presented: to provide a global view of global disruption trends, the interactions between established companies and new players, as well as the dynamics of teams and the leadership of innovation.

Throughout the talk, different key points were addressed. In the first place, an attempt was made to understand the global trends of disruption, detailing the most relevant and disruptive technologies that influence the technological environment of the economy. The commercial implications of exponential technologies were also pointed out, with special emphasis on how the productive and commercial processes have evolved in companies, generating the need for business transformation and adaptation to the environment.

Ferrás also wanted to expose the dynamics of the innovation teams, which represent engines of transformation for organizations, given that we are in an innovative and digital economy. Likewise, leadership in innovation was taken into consideration, presenting how the way of leading companies towards more innovative and productive ways has evolved.

Another important issue was the foundations of technology management, that is, the whole process of research, development and adaptation of new technologies in the company as a whole, taking into account those technologies used in management functions, as well as in the production of goods and services.

Additionally, there was a review of the current technologies with a faster development and evolution that are of great importance for the industry and its adjacent sectors. We are talking about technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain Technology, among others.

Finally, the floor was open for questions in which Ferras had the opportunity to provide further information about the subject.



10th Edition Workshop on Social Media Management for Business and European Projects

The 14th and 15th of March, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg held the tenth edition of the “Workshop on social media management for business and European projects”, a workshop that aims to increase the knowledge of the participants about the planning, management and analysis of social networks in the field of European projects. The course, given by the community manager and coach Philippe Schiffler, filled all places, as in previous occasions.

During the first day of the training, the attendees could improve their knowledge about social networks and learn to take advantage of them. Also, they discovered new tools that a community managers can use to improve their performance, among which are Canva, Feedly or RSS Feedly. Schiffler also demonstrated to those present how to act on social networks in a crisis situation and the steps that must be taken to face it.

On the second day,  the importance of the GDPR, as well as the different functions of the well-known social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram was discussed. As in the previous day, Schiffler talked about other applications such as Adobe Spark, Buffer or Hootsuite.

During these two days, all attendees had the opportunity to learn about different tools, which will help companies to have greater visibility on social networks. At the end of the course, Schiffler answered questions and clarified the doubts of the participants. The workshop was developed in a participative and dynamic environment in which attendees could discover the basis for good management of social networks.

First Edition of “Workshop on Visual Thinking for everyone”

The past 13 and 14 February, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized the first edition of the “Workshop on Visual Thinking for everyone”. The course was given by the visual facilitator Alejandro Gil (Ale Listens and Draws), member of the EmprendeBeLux program. The objective of the workshop was to make the bases of visual language known and to learn how to prepare better presentations.

During the first day, Gil explained how to improve basic elements of visual language such as shapes, objects and colors. Everything was developed through a “learn by doing” methodology, which consists of putting the content shown during the session into practice. At the end of the first day, every attendee had the opportunity to draw a presentation and share it with the rest of the participants.

On the second day, he provided more information about the different elements necessary to prepare an exposition. In addition, the participants learned how to develop a personal template related to the presentation´s objectives, all through practical exercises that enlivened the morning.

The workshop, which was a complete success, took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and all the attendees had a really participative attitude.



Third edition of the “Workshop on EU projects”

On December 12 and 13, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg hosted the third edition of the “Workshop on EU projects”. The course was held once again in collaboration with our member Swan Consulting.

For two days, attendees were able to learn about European funding opportunities for SMEs, as well as the procedure for participation and preparation of proposals. In addition to presenting how to identify calls and carry out the management of approved projects; the consultant in European affairs, Jorge Cisneros, encouraged the interaction between the participants who presented their doubts, opinions and experiences in European projects.

Once again the capacity of the workshop was completed, and was attended by numerous stakeholders from very diverse sectors such as cultural industries, fair trade or the sports sector.

Success of the ninth edition of the “Workshop on social media management for business and european projects”

The past 25 and 26 October, the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized the ninth edition of the “Workshop on social media management for business and European projects”. The course given by the community manager and coach Philippe Schiffler aims to increase the presence of companies in social networks.

During the first day, Schiffler explained the role played by the community manager in the company and the importance it has acquired in recent years. After that, he explained some very useful strategies to get more benefit of different social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest, among many others.

During the second day, he presented some digital tools that currently help companies to have greater visibility and followers in the network, many of which were unknown to attendees. Evenbrite, Pushbullet or Fiverr were some of the exposed.

He also explained different utilities of social networks and well-known websites such as Facebook, YouTube or Google+. Webs that are known by the majority, but that hide some characteristics unknown by most of us.

Schiffler also wanted to highlight the importance that has been acquired in recent months by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), created last May by the European Parliament and that gives greater transparency to companies on security issues. He also mentioned the fines that may be paid by companies if they do not comply with the regulation, which ranges about 20 million euros.

As in the previous editions, there were many attendees. During these two days all of them had the opportunity to learn about different tools, such as the ones mentioned above, which will undoubtedly help companies to have a better image on the net.

Schiffler was receptive when responding to the questions of the attendees, many of whom carry the social networks of European companies. Some of them even encouraged to express their doubts. In this way, the attendees received advice on how to improve and increase the participation of the public in the social networks of their companies.


04/10 – Informative Session of Grupo CEF.- UDIMA and administrative oppositions of the EU

Grupo CEF.- UDIMA  has the pleasure to invite you next Thursday October 4th at 18:00 in the Meliá Luxembourg Hotel to an informative session delivered by Ana Landeta, R&D Director in the UDIMA University, who will present the education range proposed by the Grupo CEF.- UDIMA .

During the session, the following topics will be covered:

The session will proceed in spanish.

To attend the informative Session please register here.



Energy for Europe: Innovating for a sustainable future

Repsol, sponsor member of the Chamber, has the pleasure to invite you to the fourth edition of Repsol’s annual conference “Energy for Europe”, which will take place on Thursday 27th September 2018 at the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels.

The event is entitled “Energy for Europe: Innovating for a sustainable future” and will include a keynote speech from a high-level European Commission representative, followed by a panel discussion. The panel will look at the impact of today’s low-carbon successes on the future of energy, how to safeguard competitiveness, and what role sustainable finance could play.

More information will follow shortly. Should you wish to register, please reply through this link.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Success in the eighth edition of the Workshop on Social Media Management for Business and European Projects

The past 25th and 26th April, the eighth edition of the Workshop on Social Media Management for Business and European Projects took place in the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg to promote the image of the company within the European market.

The course was taught by the Community Manager and Professional Coach, Philippe Schifflers (@Philschifflers).

The first day, the teacher started with a brief introduction to the course, followed by the presentation of each one of the attendees and an explanation of their expectation about the course. Schifflers later explained the role of a Community Manager, its qualities, aptitudes and characteristics, highlighting the way of working with social networks with which the new generations are more used to. In addition, Philippe spoke about data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a project approved by the European Parliament and which will be launched next month to make more transparent the personal data that companies and organizations have.

He also described some of the fundamental tools that any specialist in social media management should know. Later, he showed how to develop a digital marketing strategy and how to visualize the results through metrics, which are tools that show the data and results of the content published on the networks. Finally, he focused on the use of social networks Facebook and YouTube, explaining first some useful information about social networks, followed by explaining how to shape their use for companies. Finally, he mentionned some companies that use the social networks successfully.

During the second day, Schifflers focused on the different social networks, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Instagram. He also explained the different functionalities offered by each of these networks and the way companies can use them to create engagement and to position their brand. Finally, he described how to use Hootsuite, a platform that is used to manage the different social network accounts of a company and to plan their content. Hootsuite is a very useful tool, which can greatly facilitate the work of the Community Manager.

During these two days, the teacher was answering questions and clarifying doubts as he went through the different explanations. The workshop was developed in a participatory and dynamic environment during which the attendees could learn the basis for a good management of social networks in their respective positions in institutions, organizations and companies.

Success on the second edition of the workshop “EU Funding – Project Management”

Last 15th and 16th of November, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, in collaboration with Swan Consulting, organized the second edition of the workshop “Development and Management of EU projects”, run by Jorge Cisneros, consultant on EU affairs.

The course during this second edition, reached full capacity, as in the first one. During both days the attendees learned about the opportunities of the European financing through the EU programs, as the participation and management process. Furthermore, the speaker explained how to identify calls, elaborate proposals, and carry out the management of the approved projects.

Cisneros encouraged the interaction among the participants, who expressed their doubts, opinions and experiences with the European projects. This led to networking as well as some potential collaborations.