FTI Consulting Ranked as the Fastest-Growing Midsized Company in Brussels

The Belgian branch of our sponsor member FTI Consulting has been ranked as the fastest-growing midsized company in Belgium on the past five years by the Trends Tendance magazine. “As a worldwide leader consultant company we are often awarded, but this is a special award because it is referred to all business areas, not only consultancy. Being leaders in such a competetive and open market makes all our team feel really proud” states Pablo López-Álvarez, directive of FTI and also Vice President of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In Belgium, FTI has around 100 working professionals in the areas of economic, communication, public affairs and regulation consultancy. Listed on  the New York Stock Exchange, FTI Consulting is working in 29 countries and has a total of 4,700 workers, making more than 1,600 millions of euros last year.


CEDENOR. S. A. – New sponsor of the Chamber

We have the pleasure to introduce you the new sponsor of the Chamber: CEDENOR, S. A. CEDENOR is a consulting firm specialized in tax and labor advisory and consultancy services. Its aim is to offer a personalized, agile, dynamic and professional service to individuals and self-employed professionals and companies of any size.

CEDENOR’s office in Brussels, established in 2015, offers information, advice and identification in European funding opportunities. Likewise, CEDENOR provides information on European project development to enterprises.

The company also provides services oriented to the internationalization of Spanish enterprises, organizing trade agendas, managing administrative procedures, counselling on international commerce, etc.

Among the projects that CEDENOR is managing are IMC company consortiums (www.industrialmc.com) and Santander Global Metal (www.santanterglobalmetal.com), as well as several actions for UNATE’s adult University UNATE (www.unate.org).

Founded on the philosophy of  integral support in all possible fields of action, CEDENOR always tries to contribute on giving solutions to the problems raised finding the tools and the external support required.

Extension of the collaboration agreement with IBERIA – New On Business program

The Chamber is delighted to inform you that its collaboration agreement with IBERIA has been extended for one more year. IBERIA offers the following discounted fares to Spain and the America’s for the members of the Chamber:

· 10% in economy class

· 15% in business class

You can access this offer through our Intranet.

As a novelty, Iberia launched On Business for companies: A loyalty program allowing your company to save and to collect points for future reward tickets and upgrades. Every euro spent on travelling with Iberia, American Airlines, British Airways and partners can bring up to 1.5 points. Register your company in  On Business and enjoy the welcome offer : Triple points on the 6 first sectors of your flights.

Click here for more information on discounts and On Business benefits.

Presentation of the Navarra Capital’s Economic Magazine in Brussels

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg has the pleasure to invite you on Tuesday 23 February at 6PM at the headquarters of the Chamber (Rue Belliard 20 – 1º, 1040 Brussels) for the presentation of the Navarra Capital’s Economic Magazine in Brussels, with the collaboration of Navarra’s Government, the Economic Planning Director, Izaskun Goñi, and the delegate in Brussels, Mikel Irujo.

Navarracapital.es is Navarra’s first digital informative platform specialised in the dissemination of high value added contents related to the world of economics and enterprises in the Navarra Community.

Navarracapital.es is mainly addressed to the responsibles of the business fabrics and production of our region. From executives, control panels and big companies’ managers; executives and SME managers as liberal and independent professionals; politicals in charge and high rank civil servants linked to the management world; university teachers, researchers and qualified technicians.

The Navarra Capital’s Economic Magazine makes a selection of those facts, analyses, data and relevant ideas that are worth being reread to understand the past, the present and the economic future of the region. They hope that this document will receive a reserved place in hundreds of companies and that it will expand there year after year with news about jobs, wealth and success which will benefit the whole society. Thus, this editorial will be presented in Pamplona (9 February), Madrid (16 February) and Brussels (23 February) with the aim of promoting and making visible the economic muscle of fertile land for companies. A land called Navarra.

For more information please click here to consult the statement issued by Navarra Capital.

After the presentation, a Spanish glass of wine will be offered. Places are limited, so we ask to confirm your attendance at info@e-camara.com.

La Pluie Est Belge presents the members of the Chamber a special offer

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium & Luxembourg has the pleasure to present you La Pluie Est Belge, a firm of exclusive umbrellas manufactured in Spain.

This Project was awarded with the “Young Entrepeneur 2014” award, organized by the Chamber within the framework of its “Programa Jóvenes Belux”.

On the occasion of the launch of its first collection, La Pluie Est Belge provides the Chamber’s members a special offer:

  • 10% discount on all products of the collection.
  • Customized umbrella service, both for private individuals (name, initials and date) and companies (logo or name of the company).

Free shipping from 5 units order.

In order to benefit from this offer, access the Intranet for members of the Chamber.

AECOM settles in Brussels

AECOM consultancy, a specialized company in providing comprehensive advisory and consulting solutions, settles in Brussels. Among the services provided, the firm provides technical assistance for companies, training and knowledge transfer, consulting, studies on economic, financial and social issues and evaluation, tracking and monitoring of development cooperation projects.

They offer services to governments, development support agencies, businesses and institutions. Their current office in Brussels is located at the premises of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce  in Belgium and Luxembourg (Rue Belliard 20, 1 – 1040).

Atrevia, consultancy communication sector leader, is installed in Brussels

The communications consultancy Atrevia has installed in Brussels in the context of its international expansion. Atrevia is present in 11 countries in Europe and America.The Atrevia’s team in Brussels is directed by Ángel Rebollo, expert on the institutional and european framework with experience as a European Parliament advisor. The office of Atrevia in Brussels is located in the facilities of the Official Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg (Rue Belliard 20, 1º- 1040 Brussels).

Atrevia thrives in the field of institutional relations and public relations with the inauguration of the new office in Brussels. With its opening, Atrevia will closely be in charge of relations and related projects with the corporations.

The president and founder of Atrevia Nuria Vilanova said “Atrevia is growing to follow its clients in their strategic projects, because large Latin American and European companies need specialists in the field of consulting bodies which are near major decision-making bodies”.

“For this reason the company decided to open an office in Brussels, where they hope to represent and to monitor key issues of institutions and multilateral agencies. Atrevia has to be present where important decisions are made”, he claims.

As explorers of new communication paths, Atrevia has become a benchmark on innovation and knowledge about internal Communication, being pioneers in research in fields such as internal communication, female leadership, digital communication or values and culture in the family business. They are disseminators of knowledge through research forums and meetings in collaboration with business schools like IESE or IE, as well as through the edition of reports and publication of books.

Dehesa Maladúa

Last 16th of February, the presentation of the ham many consider as the best ham in the world (in any case, the most exclusive one) was organized in the Hotel NH Atlanta in Brussels, since it is produced by “Dehesa Maladúa” made from the “Manchado de Jabugo”; a special variety of the Iberian Ham that Eduardo Donato created in Sierra de Aracena (Huelva). A ham that, in addition to its incomparable flavor, has an Organic certification.

It was on his return from the Biofach Fair in Nuremberg, where he was present with a “stand”, that Eduardo Donato wanted to share with us his excellent ham and the rest of his products, including a unique cream of sobrasada bio with Jerez’s wine Pedro Ximénez.

The tasting also included a lecture by Ramon Jiménez Fraile, member of the company specialized in controlled-temperature storage Friologic, who talked about the characteristics of the Iberian ham and the Spanish legislation in the field of ham. Because of this new legislation, Jiménez Fraile explained, the expression “Pata Negra” can only be used when referring to hams made from Iberian pigs fed in freedom only with acorns and also having a 100% racial purity, as in the case of Dehesa Maladúa. With this legislation, only hams from this type of pigs can have a black seal, while those who have lower quality have a white, green or red seal, and cannot use the expression “Pata Negra”.

The lecture also explained the unorthodox marketing practices around the Iberian pig, the confusion of the consumers and the attitude of the well-known producers that work outside the protected designation of origin.

This prestigious ham has several years of history behind it. Encouraged by environmental and conservation considerations of quality of life, Eduardo Donato settled 25 years ago in the village of Jabugo (Huelva), where he founded “Dehesa Maladúa” and which has 700 hectares in the Natural Park of Sierra Aracena, biosphere preserved by UNESCO.

With both the variety of “Manchado de Jabugo” (easily recognisable by their distinctive stains) and the traditional “Capa Negra”, Eduardo Donato has conquered the palates as he did with the filmmaker Bigas Luna, director of the film “Jamón, Jamón”, interpreted by Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

Breakfast meeting of the year with this partner Global IT Solution

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce (CCE) hosted its final business breakfast of the year on Wednesday at the Hotel Meliá with a presentation entitled “Tailor made Business Solutions for small Companies : Challenges and Solutions”.

CCEBreakfast2-20141217-600After a short introduction by CCE President Sergio de Miguel-Jessel the presentation was given by Bernard Blocail, Managing Partner of Global IT Solutions, and his wife Véronique and took the form of a real life case study which highlighted how a small business was able to replace an antiquated and highly labour intensive working environment with a tailored cloud based invoicing, planning and knowledge sharing system at an acceptable price. The company understands the need to allow small companies to be able to continue to operate their own work flows while at the same time taking on a new system, and so challenges itself to provide a “semi-bespoke” service while still keeping costs reasonable. To some approval Mr. Blocail closed by explaining to the assembled audience that his company’s philosophy was that the goal of any software should be to provide a real added value to the company, otherwise it becomes a frustrating and expensive waste of time and money.

Mr. de Miguel-Jessel then closed the meeting by thanking the speaker, the attendees and particularly Guillermo Mungía Barquín of the CCE for his great organisation of the breakfasts. Watch out for an announcement in the next few weeks on the CCE’s programme for 2015.

Presentation of the company DLinea in Luxembourg

On Wednesday 10th of December the company DLinea was presented in Luxembourg. With the topic “The accessible architecture for people with visual disabilities”, José Serrano, manager of the company and participant of the contest “Young entrepreneur prize” of the Programa Jóvenes BeLux from the Chamber of Commerce, explained the audience its innovative projects and the activity of the business.

Breakfast started with Maria Catalán,  Secretary-General of the Chamber, giving a welcome message to the attendees. She also introduced to the speaker and it company, DLinea.

img_1Then José Serrano presented DLinea, a new architecture firm based on Bereldange-Luxembourg which offers an innovative guided-system for blinds people in buildings and public places. This new system establishes  a continuous communication channel between the person and the building. It is based on relieves set up on the floor which allow to know the way to follow and integrate the person into the building. These relieves change their shape in order to indicate a change of direction, the end of a corridor or a change of height. This new tool is completed with an auditory system installed on the elevators to improve the assistance for the blind people.

Among the attendants, there were representatives of blind and disabilities organizations.

This activity  is integrated in the Programa Jóvenes Belux, supported by the Employment and Social Security Ministry.