Launch of the StartCraft project, a training programme for craftworkers

The past 29th and 30th October, the kick-off meeting to launch the StartCraft project was held. This is a training and practical education programme in entrepreneurship for craftworkers, of which the Chamber is the coordinator and in which seven other European organizations related to crafts and professional education are collaborating.

This first meeting of the partnership was held by videoconference due to the current travel restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During this meeting, the Chamber, as coordinator of the programme, shared with the rest of the partners the main guidelines for locally managing the programme and promoting the participation of both established crafts entrepreneurs and potential crafts entrepreneurs or local crafts support bodies.

Additionally, Nieves Verdejo, representative of InnoHub, one of the seven members of the partnership and in charge of the project’s quality control, presented her approach on how to manage the project in terms of quality. This ensures that the project operates under standards of excellence, harmonized among all members of the partnership, and thus guaranteeing the smooth development of the project and of its final result.

Then, Cécile Sauvage, as representative of another member of the partnership, MEUS, then gave an overview of how it intends to maintain control over the risks that may arise throughout the project, with particular emphasis on the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis. She also presented possible responses or action protocols to be adopted in the event that certain risk situations common to this type of project might arise.

During the second day, Mike Triantafillou, on behalf of KAINOTOMIA, the Greek member of the partnership, presented the part of the project they are in charge of: the communication and dissemination strategy of the project. Also, he explained the different tools that will be used by the partnership to make the project visible.

Finally, Pilar Aguado, representative of MEUS, explained to the partners the methodology to be followed when elaborating the first of the tools that the partnership will produce: a report on the most demanded skills in the crafts sector.

The project seeks to involve:

  • Crafts entrepreneurs: illustrators, carpenters, restorers, jewellers, chocolate makers, brewers, etc. All professionals who carry out unique works, with a personal stamp and made by hand, who sell their products privately and without intermediaries.
  • Future and potential entrepreneurs in fields related to craftsmanship, such as furniture design, sculpture or illustration.
  • Organisations that offer professional training to craftworkers.

If you are interested in participating in the programme, you can find more information here or you can contact the Chamber at