Launch of the guidebook for entrepreneurs in Belgium

The Chamber, in the framework of the EmprendeBelux programme, launches the first guidebook in Spanish for entrepreneurs and freelancers in Belgium.

This guidebook, that will be exclusively distributed in digital version, emerges with the objective to serve as a first reference for the start-up of a company in Belgium, offering to future entrepreneurs and freelancers practical information regarding the different steps when launching a company in the country.

The guidebook gathers a detailed catalogue of the associated companies that offer specific services oriented to entrepreneurs and freelancers. The document also specifies the different services and programmes that the Chamber offers to companies and freelancers in Belgium.

We invite you to download this guidebook and we also invite you to contact us should you require further information.

Elena Julve, new entrepreneur to join EmprendeBelux

Elena Julve, or LexTynGou if we refer to her artistic name, has recently joined the Chamber through the programme EmprendeBelux, an initiative that aims at supporting Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Elena took her first steps as an artist in Belgium, becoming a versatile artist combining different painting techniques in her works. She has already taken part in several exhibitions in Belgium and her objective is now to continue participating in different events that will allow her to broaden her network and become renowned in this sector.

The Chamber has designed a work plan to support this ambitious entrepreneur. In particular, the Chamber is working in the design of a website where she will publish her works and parallelly the organization will also help her identifying exhibitions where Elena can publish her collections in which she is currently working.

We kindly invite you to read the full interview.

First meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium

More than 15 entrepreneurs showcased their projects and business in Belgium. The Chamber took the opportunity to present EmprendeBelux, a new programme oriented to support Spanish entrepreneurs in the country and to guide them when launching their company and /or in the consolidation of their businesses.

This new programme of the Chamber aims at consolidating the lines of support to Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium providing them with advice on how to start their business and at the same time offer a better visibility to help them broaden their network.

The attendees had the opportunity to share their visions about the programme and exchange their experience about starting a business in Belgium.

The Chamber organized the first Info Day of EmprendeBelux

The 12th of September the Chamber organized in Brussels an Info Day with the first participants and interested entrepreneurs in the programme EmprendeBelux, an initiative recently launched by the Chamber with the objective of supporting Spanish entrepreneurs and freelancers in Belgium and Luxembourg to launch and consolidate their project.

The Chamber had the opportunity to listen to different initiatives launched by Spanish entrepreneurs that are looking to expand in the Belgian market. With EmprendeBelux the Chamber has the intention to create a forum for Spanish entrepreneurs and freelancers in Belgium and Luxembourg setting up a platform to boost their projects.

We invite you follow our newsletter and the section reserved for EmprendeBelux to stay tuned for upcoming events. We also recommend you visit the section dedicated to EmprendeBelux.

First meeting of the participants of EmprendeBelux

The next 12th of September at 16:30h will take place at the premises of the Chamber the first meeting for the participants of the program EmprendeBelux.

In this first meeting it will be presented the new program of the Chamber, as well as the different profiles of the first participant companies. The main objective is to listen to the priorities of the attendees to design a program of activities for the coming months adapted to the preferences of the participants.

EmprendeBelux aims to support Spanish residents in Belgium and Luxembourg on the long road to entrepreneurship and business consolidation. Aware of the many challenges that entrepreneurs and freelancers face, the Chamber has designed a set of activities to boost their business and connect them with other entrepreneurs in Belgium and Luxembourg. We suggest you visit the section of the web of the program for further information.

We invite you to participate in this first meeting to learn more about the program and answer any question you may have.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation to

The Chamber visits the University of Mons

Last May 2nd the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg presented the institution at the University of Mons to more than 50 bachelor and master students.

Marta González, trade advisor at the Chamber, showcased the current situation of Spain, highlighting the excellent business relations between Belgium and Spain and the different opportunities that the country offers to foreign graduates. It also was presented the role of the Chamber in Belgium and the activities that are organized throughout the year to enhance the relations between both countries.

On the other side, Arturo Ibáñez, project manager at the Chamber, presented the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme as an excellent opportunity for young graduates to launch their business idea whilst doing an exchange in one European country with an experienced entrepreneur. The students also had the opportunity to learn more about the new initiative EYE Global that allows to new entrepreneurs to do an exchange outside of Europe. Singapore, United States and Israel will join the already 37 participating countries.