Meeting of the Board of Directors

On April 16, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chamber took place in Brussels.

During the meeting, the appointment of Sophie Leconte as member of the Board of Directors on behalf Everis Belgium was confirmed, replacing Óscar Abril.

Hereafter, the President informed about the recent meetings of the Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad held in Madrid, and the change on FEDECOM´s presidency.

To conclude, the Secretary General presented the upcoming activities of the Chamber program, highlighting the Spain Means Innovation program and the events organized in the framework of the “Business Circle” Tribune.

The Chamber, new member of the Paperjam Club

The Chamber has formalized its subscription to Paperjam Club, Luxembourg’s largest business club. With more than 1,000 corporate members, Paperjam Club organizes annually more than 250 events and activities focused on the promotion of networking and on business creation among its members.

With this subscription, the Chamber aims to expand its network of contacts in the Grand Duchy and facilitate the access and visibility of the Chamber’s members before a wider professional audience through the activities organized by the Club.

The Secretary of State for Trade thanks the Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad for their work

The Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Méndez, has offered all the support of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to the Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad. At the closing of the meeting that the CAMACOES have held for two days in Madrid, Xiana Méndez highlighted the work of these Chambers: “You are private institutions, you respond to your members and you design your services to offer them exactly what they need. I would like to thank you for your dedication and work, which is common to the objectives of the Secretary of State for Trade: the defence of Spain’s interests and the improvement of bilateral relations”.

The President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Bonet, has also taken part, underlining the links between the 41 Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad and the 85 territorial Chambers of Commerce, and encouraged to continue strengthening this collaboration. “Spain has the opportunity to run a lot and is doing so, and meetings like this one are vital to achieve it. Bonet congratulated the presidents of FECECA, the Federation that groups the Chambers of Commerce in the American continent, Brian Dunning, and Eduardo Barrachina, the new head of FEDECOM, which groups the European, Asian and African Chambers, showing his support to the request of holding the Assemblies of CAMACOES once a year instead of biennially as it has been done until now.

Source: Spanish Chamber of Commerce

The Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad meet in Madrid

On March 26, the biennial meeting of the network of Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad (network CAMACOES) took place.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce hosted this meeting, where its Director General, Inmaculada Riera, highlighted the importance of the role played by the Chambers Abroad to strengthen links, economic connections and bilateral relations between Spain and the countries where they operate.

At the opening day, the Secretary General of the Chamber of Spain, Adolfo Diaz-Ambrona, declared that the aim of this meeting was “to strengthen the coordination of the network of Chambers, and to share the advantages of their respective systems of membership and of their good practices”.

Enrique Fanjul, Deputy General Director for the Internationalisation Strategy of the Ministry of Industry, also responsible for the coordination of the Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce Abroad, also took part in the conference. He underlined the “clear interest of Spanish companies in promoting the Chambers of Commerce Abroad and in belonging to them”. Fanjul also highlighted the dynamism of the network of Chambers Abroad “as demonstrated by the creation of the Chambers of Tunisia, Japan, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and South Korea: six new Chambers in 2 years”, he said. The Deputy Director General of the Internationalisation Strategy also emphasised that “the Chambers Abroad have been created and continue working by the initiative of companies and have been very important in the process of internationalisation of Spanish companies.”

The meeting was followed by a working day where representatives of the territorial Chambers and the 42 Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad took part.

Source: Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Ordinary General Assembly of FEDECOM

The Federation of Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania (FEDECOM) held its Ordinary General Assembly last March 26th in Madrid.

The meeting took place in the facilities of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and was attended by representatives of the 19 member Chambers.

During the meeting, the balance of last year’s activities and the state of the accounts were presented. Also, the adhesion to the Federation of the Chambers in Japan, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Tunisia and Malta was presented, given that they have recently been recognised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The Chamber in South Korea, in the process of recognition, also participated in the meeting.

Subsequently, the General Assembly unanimously appointed Eduardo Barrachina, President of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, as new President of FEDECOM.

The President said that “a medium-term strategy will be agreed to improve coordination and will allow us to set clear and realistic objectives”. Among other initiatives, the new President plans to collaborate actively with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Secretary of State of Global Spain.

The Assembly recognized Juan Rodriguez-Villa Matons for the work developed at the head of the federation during the last years. His management has been fundamental to establish a link between the foreign network and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

The outgoing president expressed his support to Barrachina, as well as his complete disposition to continue collaborating in favor of the network of Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad.

The Chamber has available various workspaces for rent in its headquarters in Brussels

The Chamber has available various workspaces for rent in its headquarters in Brussels, that are situated in the European district (Rue Belliard 20, 1040 Brussels).

With capacity for one, two or three workstations (depending on the size of the office), the rental of workspaces includes the following services:

  • Furnished and totally equipped space
  • Access to the common areas, including a fully equipped meeting room for up to 35 people
  • Visitors reception service
  • Direct billing
  • Access 24/24, 7/7
  • Other services: wifi, telephone line pre-installations, overheads included, cleaning service, etc.

Furthermore, you will be able to have access to our network of contacts, as well as to the events and networking activities that we frequently organize in our headquarters.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us to ask detailed information about the conditions:

Person of contact: María Catalán

Email address: – Tel: +32 25171740

The Chamber’s 2019 diaries are already available

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg’s 2019 diary is already available.

The Diary includes a list of the members organized by activity sector as well as all the information about the services that the Chamber offers to its members.

If you wish to have a copy send an email to:

Only for members

We thank the advertisers for their collaboration:




Meeting of the Board of Directors

On December 17, the Board of Directors of the Chamber met at the Cercle Munster in Luxembourg.

The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of Spain in Luxembourg, Bernardo de Sicart Escoda, and the Economic and Commercial Counselor, Maria Palanca Reh.

During the meeting the program of activities planned in Luxembourg for the year 2019 was discussed and the corresponding budget was presented.


Meeting of the Committee of Forums

On December 4, was organized at the Chamber’s headquarters in Brussels a meeting of the Forums Committee, a working group whose purpose is the proposal, organization and follow-up of the events organized by the Chamber.

During the meeting, which was led by Pablo López Álvarez (FTI Consulting), was made a review of the latest events organized by the “business circle” gallery and new initiatives were proposed to be developed in the coming months, both locally and with the institutions of the European Union.

About the Commissions of the Chamber

The Commissions are integrated by some of the members as well as by the person in charge of the area in question in the Chamber.

These work groups have numerous functions: in-depth studies of proposals, problems, projects and activities. Through them, the members influence the day to day of the Chamber in order to adapt the activities of the Chamber to the needs of the members.

At any time, a member may request the president of a Commission to join it or request the Secretary General to create a new group.