Fernando Gómez Avilés-Casco, Counselor-Chief of the Economic and Trade Office of the Embassy of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg

The Board of Directors of the Chamber wants to thank the collaboration of the Economic and Trade Counselor, Fernando Gómez Avilés-Casco, who, for the last 4 years, has accompanied us as the Honorary (institutional) Vice-president.

Before his establishment in Brussels, Fernando Gómez Avilés-Casco was General Director and Vice-president of the Spanish High Council of Chambers of Commerce. His integration in the Board of Directors of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg involved the contribution of his exceptional experience in the world of chambers.

This experience, combined with his serious and friendly character, allowed to define the aims of the Board of Directors. We highlight his decisive intervention in the integration of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in our Chamber.

With Fernando Gómez Avilés-Casco, Spain had an economic and commercial leader in Brussels, who’s efficient and loved and who showed, next to his wisdom, his diplomatic soul.

His new destination in Spain, allows him to change routines and passions, born out of a professional life to dedicate himself completely to his priority passion: his family.

Thank you for everything, Fernando.


Change at the Secretary of State for Trade

D. Jaime García-Legaz Ponce, Secretary of State for Trade, now dependent of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, assumed the leadership of a new executive that inherited competences of various secretaries and undersecretaries.
The Secretary of State for Trade will assume extremely important issues, part of which will be the same as the ones from the old Secretary of State for Trade, among these the relation with the Official Chambers of Commerce of Spain Abroad (CAMACOES).
His work will consist of continuing the promotion of Spanish exports, key issue at a moment of negative perspectives for global trade, deal with themes such as tariff issues and fight to ensure the competitiveness of Spanish exports. He will also have to take decisions, also abroad, in which the objective of defending a unified market is stressed.