Workshop on “Communication for EU projects”

On April 1st and 2nd, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized an online workshop on “Communication for EU projects”, in collaboration with the member company Vision Communication.


This workshop, divided in two 4 hour sessions, was taught in English and featured with an international audience. During the first session a wide introduction of the communication for EU projects was made with a detailed explanation of the different existing EU projects (Horizon 2020, AMIF, etc.) and how to design and manage the communication within each one. The different realities of the consortiums in European projects were explored as well as the need to adapt the project to the different contexts in order to have a performing communication strategy (for example in developing countries).


In the second session, some deeper look toward the European projects communication was done by highlighting the different communication products that must come by this projects and the need of a right management of the different events. The need of an accurate selection of the target audience, messages and channels were also highlighted. The workshop featured additionally different practical exercises in which the participants had the chance to interact in smaller groups.


All along both journeys, participants had the chance to get to know several cases of success and failure of communication in various European projects from both public and private institutions. Additionally a great interaction between the speaker and attendants was noticed as they could ask their questions at any time.